New NAACP Leaders Featured in Orlando Sentinel

NAACP Central Florida Article Feature Image

NAACP Orange County Branch President Tiffany Hughes and Vice President Dr. Vanessa Toolsie were recently featured by the Orlando Sentinel in a news story highlighting the energy they are bringing to the organization. 

Hughes and Toolsie were installed as leaders in April 2021, and are committed to keeping the branch relevant and tackling the most important issues facing its members. 

The article led with Hughes’ response to a social media post by Orange County Sheriff John Mina in which he wrote, “Follow the instructions of law enforcement” multiple times. 

Hughes’ proactive action – immediately asking for a meeting with the sheriff – emphasizes the Orange County Branch’s commitment to criminal justice, one of its core advocacy issues.  

Of the many committees open to members, Hughes said they are focused on the following: Criminal/Juvenile Justice, Economic Development and Health/Environmental Justice. 

To learn more about these committees and how to become involved in the NAACP Orange County Branch, visit the Membership page of the website, call 407-272-1596 or email