Orange County NAACP: A Past to Present History Perspective

(ORLANDO, FLORIDA) —The Orange County Branch NAACP was chartered on October 13, 1942 and with the Apopka Area group affiliation on April 14, 1969 has continued to be a commanding voice for the citizens of the County area while fighting to improve Civil Rights and still remains relevant and vigilantly active today.  Throughout  the years the local Branch proudly provides critical needed community and civil rights related services with a viable and active membership and with the continuous help and competent oversee of a volunteer Executive Committee of non-paid workers and aided by numerous community supporters.  The local NAACP is also an affiliate member of the Florida State Conference of NAACP, which in turn is connected to the National organization of NAACP first formed in New York in 1909.

Historically Orange County Branch over the years has consistently remained at the forefront an dived deeply into Civil Rights battles too numerous to list here, persevered and overcome the many attacks and tribulation faced thereby.  Referring to all the past decades of existence, Dr. Adora Obi Nweze, President of the Florida State Conference of NAACP and a National Board member, recently said in recollection that The Orange County Branch has a long history of carrying out the efforts of the NAACP mission and continues to be a catalyst for change in the local community and across the State of Florida.

The Orange County Branch has been fortunate to have had many stalwart and fearless leaders over the past whom without those tenures our storied accomplishments could and would not have been. They  are all ever honored by our grateful community for the help, benefits and unfailing service that they each provided: These past and present Freedom Fighter are the Branch Presidents listed in descending order of their terms: JOE STEVENS, C.T.WILLIAMS, CHARLES HAWKINS, ROBERT HUNT, CURTIS JACKSON, DANIEL WARE, J. P.  ELLIS, JETHRO TOOMER, ERNEST PAGE, MICHAEL HARDY, WILLIE  WILLIAMS, MARIE PALMER,  JAMES SCOTT, GREGORY GRANT,  RUFUS BROOKS,  LARRY COLLETON, THOMAS ALSTON, GERALD BELL, DERRICK WALLACE,  DAVID RUCKER, RANDOLPH BRACY , KRAN RILEY, BEVERLY NEAL, TIFFANY HUGHES, VANESSA TOOLSIE and TIARA ROBINSON.

Successively the purpose and aims of the Local Branch is accomplished through fostering the mission of the NAACP which  is to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination. To effect this the Branch conducts many of its projects and community services through the operation of its several standing committees completely comprised of community volunteers that also include local organizations, businesses and professionals all facilitating vital committees as Political Action, Health, Labor & Industry, Environmental Justice, Housing and Education and many more.  This targeted approach continuously reflect the needed civil rights work in the community and the daily affect upon every aspect of the lives of people of color locally and across the nation.

Consequentially locally we have fought and won many battles against racism and injustice and there of course still remains much work to be done. And we as your Branch will continually work together and harder to eliminate the remaining barriers to civil rights, freedom and equality for all Americans.  And of course this requires your needed citizenry  and all supporting institutions and neighborhoods participation which is most invaluable to achieving this continuing success of our people, community and Branch.

The future focus and concerns of the Branch include and remain in direct alignment with our mission.  And also mindful, as National NAACP President Derrick Johnson recently stated, that we face challenging times as across the nation have been launched blatant assault on our communities, undermining our mission and our advancement in voting rights, education, health care, environmental protection, affordable housing, criminal justice and more.  Thus our Orange County Branch continues to emphasize that our membership and our vote is our currency in civil rights that we must use judiciously or we’ll never make the necessary substantial strides needed. Presently with the help of you as our supporting and involved citizenry your hard working Local Branch is committed to remain now and in the future at the community front and champion the Civil Rights challenges facing African Americans and minorities including the imminent overall threat today to all of our liberty and democracy.